The Second Law Band

October 2021

November 2021

Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The Second Law Band creates wonderful experiences through the power of music.

Fun, beautiful, high energy music
Mark Gregory and the Second Law Band brings positive energy to any event, playing pop, country, and rock favorites with a unique high energy, upbeat style. We provide up to five hours of fun and beautiful music, from two players to full dance band, featuring Mark’s sweet vocals, Craig’s playful melodic guitars, and beautiful harmonies from the band. Available for weekends, weeknights, wine bars, pubs, restaurants, banquets, parties, and special events. We're perfect for any event that needs a positive vibe through music.

We're your "Thursday night" band!
We can rock a house on weekends, but we're equally good on week nights, blending soulful ballads, upbeat soft pop standards, and dance favorites for a perfect evening experience. Our shows draw music and styles from the best of multiple generations, from the 50's rockabilly to present day hits--we are loved by adults, young and old.

Contact us!
To book a performance, or learn more about what we do, please contact us at: